Norfolk Bird Control We are your trustworthy bird removal company that has been proudly servicing commercial and residential owners in the area for more than a decade. With our long years of experience, we know the challenges that our customers face. We are aware of how bird issues can negatively impact your lives and how it can cause structural damages and health hazards. We take our employees' development seriously; we have an in-house training team composed of certified ornithologists and industry experts. We are certain that our people will remain updated on our bird control strategies, utilize the cutting-edge technology and tools, and the latest development on the industry's rules and standards. Most of the technicians when we are just starting have remained with our company. This may be something that you will not commonly see in the industry of wildlife removal services due to its competitive nature. It makes our technicians highly familiar with the common bird species that will visit your house or business. We prioritize our responsibility to the environment. With our integrated management system, we will only apply or use eco-friendly, humane, and safe solutions. We have innovative procedures and techniques that can target your problem with extreme precision and efficacy.

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