Learn How To Keep Pigeons Off Of Roof

Feral pigeons have become just as much of a problem in our towns and cities as the rats they are often likened to. The feral pigeon is descended from the rock dove – originally these birds lived on cliff sides – but has adapted well to urban living, they are now an integral feature of many towns and cities. Pigeons create vast amounts of mess wherever they choose to roost – their droppings are unsightly and can cause corrosive damage to the surfaces of buildings and vehicles. Pigeons like to roost in areas that are flat and even – when learning how to keep pigeons off of the roof it is important to bear this fact in mind.

There are a number of deterrents that can be employed to keep pigeons from the roof of your building. Before installing any deterrent, it is essential to ensure that no pigeons are trapped inside the building and that the building is properly sealed – with no loose roof tiles for example. It is also necessary to have any existing pigeon mess thoroughly cleaned prior to installation. A bird net is an efficient method of preventing pigeons from roosting on the roof, discreet and economical this deterrent will provide years of service if properly maintained. Another good deterrent is spikes or shock tread – these types of deterrent are installed along the roosting area and are intended to scare the pigeons away.

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